Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

The other day the lights went out – for a whole 5½ hours. We gathered up some candles, played a board game, then hung out on the patio with a small fire. But it was not like “being a pilgrim except with cell phones and potato chips. We knew the electricity would be back on, probably sooner rather than later. And I’m glad.

I definitely belong in this day and age. I love being able to communicate with people without ever actually talking to them, let alone seeing them. I love texts and e-mail. I like being able to carry a hundred books around with me on my Kindle without the weight of that many tomes, classics and modern novels. I like cement and paved roads and have no desire to “return to nature.” I enjoy watching tv and going to the movies. I love that I can travel by car and plane, and train which I will do one of these days. I’m attached to my cell phone, although I rarely make actual phone calls, and my computer. I can vote and own property and drive a car.

I love the variety of people and the choices we can make.

I’m responsible for my own fate, not something women in other times and places have been able to say.

I can’t say we live in a perfect world, but it wasn’t perfect 40 years ago or 200 hundred years ago either. There are days, though, when I think I’m a flower-child just born too late.

What about you? Do you belong in the 21st Century?

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  • I belong right here… or maybe even in the future! If I had a time machine I’d be thrilled to visit the past, but not live there for all of the reasons you mention. Plus, I can always spend a day with nature and no cell phone if I choose to. I don’t believe it was simpler back then, I think that’s mostly nostalgia for things that never were.

  • I am not sure. I do love real toilets, hygiene products and all that. But the thing is if I had not been born here I would not have known what I am missing. So I do think I was born in the wrong era

  • I love this era. It feels like the age of reaching out and discovering things. I love that I can speak to people all over the world and form connections through things as fundamental as reading a good book. I do also like books (even though I do use a Kindle and would say it’s probably 60/40 split). I’m not averse to writing a letter as oppose to an email and I like to cook for myself, family and friends rather than buy ready made. But that doesn’t mean I don’t ever take the easy route! I think it’s all about finding a balance. Interesting piece.
    Lynn 😀

  • I am daily amazed at the miracles we have. Not too long ago (in my lifetime) the things we take for granted seemed like science fiction. Looking up where the nearest restaurant is from a hand held device?

    I enjoy my toys too much. Wouldn’t want to live in another time.

    • I’m with you. I do think it’s amazing though the number of things my daughter will never have seen – like an actual typewriter, rotary phone, cassette tapes.

  • I love all the new technology and the conveniences of the 21st century but I do wish we could bring back a much less used up earth, closer knit family ties, and cleaner skies, water, and land!

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