top ten tuesday

Top Ten Things that Make My Life as a Blogger Easier

  1. My husband – He may not be a reader, but he encourages my blogging and pretends to be interested when I change my template or something
  2. Goodreads – Not only does it have blurbs, it also lets me keep track of my lists of books to read, books I’ve read, books I’ve received last month
  3. FictFact – Keeps track of my series, where I’m at, which ones I’ve read
  4. Google Calendar – for specific tour dates/guest posts/giveawas
  5. NetGalley – A great source for e-ARCs
  6. Audiobook Jukebox – Great for audiobook lovers
  7. Library – Who doesn’t love the library?
  8. Bloglovin’/Twitter/Facebook – All ways I keep up with other folks. I love the community part of blogging.
  9. Coffee and chocolate – They make life in general easier, so that counts, right?
  10. Good books

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


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