Tuesday Intros

Next month is A-Z April, which means I’m trying to think ahead a little. ┬áThe next week or two may be a little short on posts as I gear up for it. Having a post for each letter of the alphabet can be a bit tough, especially when my focus is books, at least in general. I was going to post a review today, but the title has the word “quilt” in it, so I think I might have to save it for Q day. Q is a tough letter.

Witch interruptedAnd then there’s the book I’m reading now, which features witches and werewolves. It’s just screaming to be used for W, but I’ll give you a taste of it with the opening of chapter 1. The book is Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace.

The shop door chimes bonged, rattling the test tubes and Katherine Zhang’s teeth. Her hands jerked, and she scattered the point thirty-three ounces of granular ginseng she’d painstakingly measured.
By the Lady, she hated that damn doorbell.
“Ba,” she yelled into the next room, where she could see her father snoozing in the recliner in front of the giant flat-screened television. “Wake up.”
He lurched, shaking his head. “I’m not asleep. Huh? What?”
“The chimes gotta go, Ba. I mean it.” She swiped the ginseng into a pile for later and walked to the door of the den. What she wouldn’t give for a real stillroom instead of a converted dining room – but it was better than the bathroom she’d used in their last safe house.

So, what do you think? Keep reading or not?

Actually, I’m about halfway through now and enjoying it – danger, sex, magic, what’s not to like?

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