Today we’re talking about our year in books. A Month of Favorites is hosted by Girlxoxo, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge. Link up at today.

I have not had the best reading year as far as the numbers go. I just don’t seem to make enough time to sit down and read. Gee, sounds like a potential New Year’s Resolution. But here’s my “A Year in Books Timeline.” I have to thank Andi for doing a timeline with since I stole her idea.

Reading Year 2014c-page-0

If you click on the timeline, it should get a little bigger, but if you don’t want to bother, here’s what it says:

January – 7 books, but 3 were lousy. Not a great start
February – 5 books read plus 1 not finished
March – 8 books – including 2 picture books
April – 11 books total, 2 of which I couldn’t finish
May – 5 books, all audios
June – Only 3 books, must have been having a busy summer
July – Only 2 books?
August – 5 books, summer must have been winding down
September – 7 book, back on track
October – 7 books
November – 5 books, including 1 Christmas romance
December – So far, I’ve only finished 1, but we’ll see how the month shapes up.

Apparently, it’s just in the summer that I barely read- too many other things to do, places to go, gardens to weed.

How has your reading year been shaping up so far?


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