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Week’s Highlight:

We’ve been busy lately. A couple of weeks ago I was out of town for work, then we went to my brother’s for a weekend and to go to the Origins Game Fair. We’ve been working around the house a bunch too.


Sci-Fi June just ended. I’ll try to have my wrap-up post done soon. We’re still in the middle of Summer Coyer. The link to my progress is on my sidebar.

Last week’s posts:

I’m currently listening to One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson which I am loving. It’s full of interesting stories and little bits of trivia, it’s the kind of fun non-fiction I really enjoy.

Looking forward a bit the 24in48 July readathon is July 20-21 and Dewey’s 24 Hour Reverse Readathon starts in the evening on August 2. The reverse readathon worked really well for me last year, so I’ll probably participate in that again. 24in48 might depend on what’s on the calendar for those days.


We played our first game of Endeavor: Age of Sail the other day. I lost badly, but think I learned a few things. It’s a fun game, I think it’ll get played fairly often.

Looking forward to:

The Fourth of July is this week. We’ll have a cookout with some backyard fireworks on the third and maybe try to get in a Pirates game sometime.


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