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Week’s Highlight:

We had a really nice week. We had a cookout for the 4th, went to a couple of fireworks show and went to a Pirates Game. They lost, but it was still fun.


I never did post my wrap-up for Sci-Fi June. Oops.

This week is the Sharknado Readathon for COYER Summer. You’re trapped in your house because there’s a Sharknado outside. You can only read the books on your physical shelf—no book not in your home at the start of the readathon—counts. I posted my potential reads on Instagram. My choices are a bit limited since we’ve been doing a little work around the house and I’ve been painting bookshelves, so most of my books are currently in boxes

Last week’s posts:

I’ve got a couple of reviews I need to get around to posting, but this week is pretty busy so we’ll see.


We watched the first episode of The Rook. I remember loving the book, but I’m not sure we’re hooked on the show yet. So far it just doesn’t have the spark of humor that the books did. It’s all the spy-ness and superpowers without the fun.

Looking forward to:

This week is Vacation Bible School at church, so between that and work, I won’t get much else done. We are taking off for the lake for the weekend, so that should be nice.


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