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Week’s Highlight:

We went to the Beer, Barks & BBQ event supporting our local humane society. It was a fun evening. The food was good, pulled pork and all the sides. They had one of the local breweries’ Oatmeal Stout, which David said was good. There was a bonfire, but they’re weren’t any chairs around it and we didn’t bring our own, which was a little sad. So after we left, we came back to our house and a fire for a little while.


I’m still listening to Bleak House. It’s good, but it’s not one of those ones that calls to me all the time.

I read two collections this week. It’s really no surprise that the Father Brown one was the better of the two.


We finally got around to playing Mare Nostrum. You’re each an ancient Mediterranean power trying to expand his/her land, build cities and take advantage of trade caravans. So far, David has won twice, in a two-player game and a 5-player game. He won by doing the same thing both times too. I need to figure out how to counteract that.

Looking forward to:

This week is going to be pretty quiet I think. We’re probably going to help David’s parent clean out his grandma’s house on Saturday – I need to buy some gloves.

Survivor starts Wednesday. And David has meetings two evening this week, so maybe I’ll watch a couple Father Brown episodes.


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