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Week’s Highlight:

I hope everyone had a Happy New Years! We stayed home and played board games with friends.

We went to an escape room on Thursday with Amber and one of her friends. This is the second time we’ve done one of EscapeWorks rooms. This one was a follow-up to the last room; the culprit in the last one was the murder victim this time around. It was a murder mystery type room. We knew who the suspects were but the puzzles helped figure out who they all were, where they came from, what weapons they had and eventually who killed Bugsy. A lot of fun!


I finished my 2019 reading with a few light mysteries.

My first book of 2020 was a fun cozy mystery set in Cleveland. Sheila at Book Journey did her seventh annual First Book of the Year posting. For a look at other’s first books, take a look at Sheila at Book Journey’s First Book of the Year post here.

I am looking for some book recommendations though. What non-fiction books written by women have your read recently that you thought were awesome?


We played Wingspan with the European birds expansion Friday. I really like this game. It’s an engine-builder but not terrible complicated. The illustrations are really well-done and I love the random bird facts.

Looking forward to:

Amber’s birthday is Saturday and I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?


  • A game night sounds like an ideal way to spend New Year’s Eve. We used to do that, but we haven’t done a game night in many years. I want to ease back into board games. I wonder how I could do that.

    I love nonfiction, and some of my favorite nonfiction books from recent times were written by women. I enjoyed Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb; it was one of my favorite reads of 2019. I also had Eiffel’s Tower by Jill Jonnes on my list of top ten reads of the year, but that might be something I liked especially because it was about Paris. Save Me the Plums is a super foodie memoir by Ruth Reichl. And in 2018 I loved Brown Girl Dreaming and Radium Girls, both by women.

    I have absolutely no recommendations for a birthday celebration. I’d say that you should plan a trip to Paris…it’s very cheap to go there in the winter and there are almost no tourists. Or go birdwatching at a wildlife sanctuary. A visit to an independent bookstore? See? My ideas are probably too odd.

    Have a great week, Carol!

    • I just put Maybe You Should Talk to Someone on my wishlist. Thanks for the other suggestions too.
      Birdwatching would be perfect for her, but it’s rather cold this time of year. We may end up going to the aviary again. I can’t afford Paris right now, but she would love that too! Hmm, maybe I should think about that for her 21st next year?

  • I’ve only done an Escape Room one time but thought it was a lot of fun. Some of my friends and I keep saying we’re going to do one but, so far, all we’ve done is talk about it.

    I hope Amber has a great birthday!

    • We only have one that’s really local. We could drive to Pittsburgh to do another, but there are so many other things to do in Pittsburgh that it never quite makes the list.

    • I bet My Own Words is good. I might have to add it to my list. I mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Amber once and she didn’t know off the top of her head who she is, so I’m like you need to go Google her now. I’m not disappointed in Amber often, but …

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