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It’s been pretty quiet around here. Not much choice really.

Sad News:

Our bearded dragon, Scorch, died this week. We’ve had him for probably 10+ years.

Week’s Highlight:

David’s birthday was Monday. We ordered got carry-out Mexican and a Dairy Queen cake. Quieter than most birthdays but nice.

I’ve been loving Pittsburgh Public Theater’s PlayTime on-line reading series. This week it was A Doll’s House, which I had never seen (or read) before. Really wonderful. This Thursday and Friday will be The Mon Valley Medium, written and performed by Alec Silberblatt. The series has become a highlight of my week.


I’ve had lots of time to read, both at home and at work. I started listening to Dune this weekend. I tried reading it a year or two ago, but set it aside. So far, the audio is really good.

Last week’s post:

The Classics Club is holding it’s 23rd spin. My goal is to read The Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne by June 1.

Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon takes place next Saturday, April 25. I doubt I’ll stay up for all 24 hours, but who knows. I don’t have to get up for church on Sunday, so there’s that.


I’m so sad that they took Father Brown off Netflix. It’s now on Brit Box. Does anyone have that? Is it worth it?


Of course, we’ve been playing board games. We picked up the Prelude expansion to Terraforming Mars. We’ll probably play with it most everytime we play that games. It just kind of gives you a kickstart, without change the game itself too much.

Looking forward to:

Staying home. Washing my hands. Not touching my face. Maybe picking up some ice cream. Our best local ice cream shop has re-opened with curbside pickup.


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