The Monks Hood Murders by Karen Baugh MenuhinThe Monks Hood Murders by Karen Baugh Menuhin
Narrator: Sam Dewhurst-Phillips
Series: Heathcliff Lennox #5
Published by Little Dog Publishing Ltd on February 11, 2021
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Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery
Length: 7 hrs 20 mins
Pages: 294
Format: Audiobook
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A scoundrel lies dying, he makes his confession; his sins were legion, his deeds despicable, and he wants to atone for his wasted life. He bequeaths an invaluable gift to Monks Hood Abbey, an ancient Monastery set in a lonely corner of the Yorkshire moors.

But sin throws a long shadow and corruption crawls in its shade. Strangers come forward and lay claim to the monks' inheritance. Chaos simmers and then boils over, shattering the tranquility of the Abbey.

The Abbot calls on Major Heathcliff Lennox and ex-Chief Inspector Swift to ask for their help. They must go to Yorkshire to unravel the mayhem – but then there's mystery, and murder, and another adventure begins.

Major Heathcliff Lennox, ex-WW1 war pilot, six feet 3 inches, unruly dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of Wuthering Heights by his romantically minded mother - much to his great annoyance.

In the Monks Hood Murders, Lennox and Swift go to the aid of an Abbott who is the husband of Lady Maitland (she was introduced in the previous book). The Monks have inherited a medical Codex that is now missing and the Abbott want Lennox and Swift to locate it. Lennox and Swift along with Lennox’s butler, Greggs, his dog, Mr. Fogg, and his cat, Mr. Tubbs head to York. While this one does work as a stand-alone, I think it would be better to read the series in order. Several characters are introduced in early installments and have an impact here even if they aren’t actually in York.

Of course, in addition to a missing book, Lennox and Swift end up with a couple of murders to solve. The clues were well done and the “how” rather clever, though the murderer was perhaps a bit obvious.

I enjoy the characters in this series. Lennox is a good lead. Smart, observant, but a bit emotional. To be honest, I wish his love life was left out, but he’s too young and likes women too much for that to happen. Swift sees things in more of a cut and dried way, which makes them a good team. They’re also actually, truly friends who care about each other beyond the current case. Greggs, the butler, is hilarious. And of course, the dog and kitten are adorable. I listened to the audio and the only addition to the narration are dog barks, which is just cute. The monks and the townsfolk are fleshed out too. They each have their own personalities, secrets, and strengths. The local cops are thrilled to be working with Swift, even if they don’t quite know what they’re doing.

I was underwhelmed by #4 in the series, so I’m glad that it’s back on track with The Monks Head Murders. It was an enjoyable quick listen and I’m definitely looking forward to the next, which is supposed to come out in September.

About Karen Baugh Menuhin

At 60, Karen Baugh Menuhin decided to write, and suddenly the stories came pouring out, along with the characters. Eccentric Uncles, stalwart butlers, idiosyncratic servants, machinating Countesses, and the hapless Major Heathcliff Lennox.

An itinerate traveller all her life, she grew up in the military, often on RAF bases but preferring to be in the countryside when they could.

She is living and writing in the Cotswolds with her dear husband Krov. Krov is a professional writer, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, professional diver, pilot, ex US special forces soldier, and the eldest son of violinist, Yehudi Menuhin.


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