Sheep Secrets by Helena MarchmontSheep Secrets by Helena Marchmont
Narrator: Nathaniel Parker
Series: Bunburry #8
Published by Lübbe Audio on December 11, 2020
Source: Purchased
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Length: 3 hrs 1 min
Pages: 107
Format: Audiobook
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Miss Marple meets Oscar Wilde in this new series of cosy mysteries set in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Bunburry.

In "Sheep Secrets", the picturesque village of Bunburry is basking in midsummer sunshine when a shepherd finds a body in a nearby quarry. The deceased was taking part in an outdoor survival training course run by Neil Walker, friend of Constable Emma Hollis. The death seems a tragic accident, but Emma insists on amateur sleuth Alfie McAlister joining the course to save Neil's good name. But are the other participants as innocent as they seem? Add an undercover reporter and a mysterious druid to the mix, and Alfie's investigation becomes more complex than he imagined...

In Sheep Secrets, Emma convinces Alfie to join an outdoor survival class in order to help save a friend’s good name. A man who was taking the course was found dead at the bottom of a quarry, presumably an accident, but still a threat to the business. I kind of wish Alfie’s love life, or lack thereof, were left out of the books. Should he date Emma? Should he hope Betty comes back? I don’t really care honestly. The characters and setting are fun and quirky enough that I don’t think it needs Alfie brooding about women. I know a budding romance is a feature in most cozy mysteries, but it’s also the part that is most likely to annoy me.

Oscar gets to help out a bit in this mystery. The dead man had co-workers in London, so Oscar does a bit of talking and digging, which makes a nice addition to the investigation in Bunburry.

The mystery was fine and I enjoyed the variety of characters. I hope the druid becomers a recurring character, he fit in nicely.

I’m not sure how I feel aobut one of the subplots that is going to be carrying over into the next installment. Even though the novellas build on each other, I still want each to be self-contained, but that’s just me.

This was a fun listen. I may have minor complaints, but overall I’m enjoying this charming series.

About Helena Marchmont

Olga Wojtas

Helena Marchmont is a pseudonym of Olga Wojtas, who was born and brought up in Edinburgh. She was encouraged to write by an inspirational English teacher, Iona M. Cameron. Olga won a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2015, has had more than 30 short stories published in magazines and anthologies and writes the Miss Blaine’s Prefect mysteries.

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