This will be my first year doing the Uncorked Reading Challenge hosted by Christine at The Uncorked Librarian. Each month has a theme and a bonus challenge. You read as much or as little as you like. The hashtag is #UncorkedReading2022.

January: Time Travel Books

January Bonus Challenge: Books we love but critics don’t

February: Books set in or about South Africa

February Bonus Challenge: Books from your hometown, state, country, or where your ancestors are from

March: Wine books/Books set on a vineyard

March Bonus Challenge: Books with your favorite color in the title

April: Baltic books

April Bonus Challenge: Books with your favorite foods

May: Hiking books

May Bonus Challenge: Books by an author you think you don’t like but have never actually read

June: Books about or set in Mexico

June Bonus Challenge: Books by indigenous authors from a continent other than your own

July: Dark academia books (usually set at a prestigious university or boarding school)

July Bonus Challenge: Books where you next want to travel

August: Books set in or about Australia

August Bonus Challenge: Books that have been sitting in your TBR (to be read) pile for ages

September: Road Trip Books

September Bonus Challenge: Books published in the decade or year you were born

October: Books set somewhere haunted

October Bonus Challenge: Books from a nearby Free Little Library, library sale, or you received as a gift

November: Books about or set in Thailand

November Bonus Challenge: Book about an inspiring career change that interests you

December: Books set in or about Ecuador

December Bonus Challenge: Books set in an environment you’ve never experienced (i.e. jungle, desert, mountain, deserted island, volcanic area)


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