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I have not had the best reading year as far as the numbers go. I just don’t seem to make enough time to sit down and read. Gee, sounds like a potential New Year’s Resolution. But here’s my “A Year in Books Timeline.” I have to thank Andi for doing a timeline with since I stole her idea.

Reading Year 2014c-page-0

If you click on the timeline, it should get a little bigger, but if you don’t want to bother, here’s what it says:

January – 7 books, but 3 were lousy. Not a great start
February – 5 books read plus 1 not finished
March – 8 books – including 2 picture books
April – 11 books total, 2 of which I couldn’t finish
May – 5 books, all audios
June – Only 3 books, must have been having a busy summer
July – Only 2 books?
August – 5 books, summer must have been winding down
September – 7 book, back on track
October – 7 books
November – 5 books, including 1 Christmas romance
December – So far, I’ve only finished 1, but we’ll see how the month shapes up.

Apparently, it’s just in the summer that I barely read- too many other things to do, places to go, gardens to weed.

How has your reading year been shaping up so far?


  1. Even though you read more books in some months than others, you still read quite a bit. Do you ever do the Goodreads reading challenge? I’ve done it the last few years, upping my goal each time and it’s helped.

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