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Happy Easter!

Both my brother and his family and David’s brother and his family were in town for the holiday.

Week’s Highlight:

Okay, seeing everybody this weekend was definitely the highlight, but I also went to Phipps Conservatory an the Spring Flower show was gorgeous. I might show off more photos later this week.


I borrowed Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann from the library. So far it’s fascinating and chilling.

Last week’s posts:


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Looking forward to:

Amber’s coming home next weekend, which will be nice.


  1. Oh my! Look at that amazing peacock. How difficult it must be to plan out and create something like that made of flowers.

    I had Killers of the Flower Moon recommended to me by one of the book reps at the library conference last week. I think I have a copy of it around here. I should look for it. I’m a big fan of nonfiction.

    I’m glad we are doing another Classics Club Spin tomorrow.

    Have a great week!

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